On June 4 and 5, 2021, the largest bitcoin conference in the world was held in Miami, USA. Many important personalities spoke there. Now, we bring to you an overview of the most exciting things to see at the conference.

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Foreword by the Mayor of Miami at Bitcoin conference

Firstly, the opening speech and the opening of the conference went to the Mayor of Miami, Francis Suarez. He expressed favorable views on the most important cryptocurrency in the world and spoke about the city’s efforts. This to create blockchain and mining capital in the world. He stated:

“The days when the cryptocurrencies were tied to the central bank are coming to an end. The United States of America will become a driving force of Bitcoin mining. Mainly by net energy.”

Ron Paul about cheap money

Ron Paul is an american politician. But also a great critic of the Federal Reserve System (FED). He told the enthusiastic crowd that the current US monetary policy is disastrous. Similarly, that the central banks should disappear. He spoke at the Bitcoin conference about the problems with Fiat currencies.

“The problems will be worse. Today, lots of cheap money are circulating. It’s all false. Therefore, it is all political corruption. Free money means that it is either printed or stolen. We do not need a federal reserve system. It is built on corruption.”

Fireside: Michael Saylor and Max Keizer

Michael Saylor and Max Keizer are two prominent proponents of cryptocurrencies. They discussed various topics related to the bitcoin industry. Also about their expectations for the future. All of this during the Bitcoin conference. When asked about energy efficiency, Michael Saylor answered:

“I think that bitcoins are an extremely disturbed technology. This for the entire energy industry. Consequently, bitcoins are the most profitable use of renewable energy.” “FUCK ELON, WE’RE NOT SELLING”

Tweet from Bitcoin conference in Miami

Jack Dorsey at Bitcoin conference

Similarly, other significant personalities performed on the stage. Including the CEO of Square and Twitter, Jack Dorsey. He noted that Bitcoin is critical. According to him, it changes everything. Mainly because the freedom it represents attracts it the most.