Bitcoin news for today: Bitcoin as the winner of the US election, stepping up

There is uncertainty about the outcome of the US election. According to CNN, the situation where Joe Biden’s eventual victory is narrow and Republicans dominate the Senate is favorable to financial markets. Cryptocurrencies also benefit from it, as of today’s Bitcoin news show. The most common bitcoin strengthened by ten percent a day, and on Thursday afternoon, it reached $ 15,200 for a digital coin.

Bitcoin has thus been traded at its highest level since January 2018. However, fears of a pandemic and generally higher investor interest also contribute to the interest in bitcoins, the Bloomberg agency noted.

Some investors expect cryptocurrency prices to continue. Fundstrat Global Advisors LLC analyst Rob Sluymer says a new level of price resistance could cost $ 20,000 for bitcoin.

Bitcoin news for today also show benefits from significant investments from companies such as Square and Paul Tudor Jones. According to currency proponents, bitcoin can be a so-called diversifier in times of uncertainty, which will increase portfolio diversity. Certain factors, such as the current closure of European countries due to a pandemic or the delay in the US election, are helping to increase its growth.

But as Bloomberg points out, the world of cryptocurrencies is very unstable. In 2017, bitcoin rose sharply to a record $ 20,000, dropping to $ 3,000 less than a year later. Therefore, many analysts and investors are rather skeptical about cryptocurrencies.

The price of bitcoin is becoming increasingly unusable for payment

Bitcoin news for today can point out that the rate of the most common cryptocurrency in recent weeks has strengthened significantly. However, the growing interest in bitcoin has a negative effect on its use as a means of payment.

Bitcoin is accompanied by the same problems that its users faced significantly at the turn of 2017 and 2018, or more recently, holders of ether. The growing interest in the digital currency is also reflected in rising transaction fees. For bitcoin payment processing, users currently have to pay transaction fees in the order of several dollars or more.

According to the Ycharts portal, the average transaction fee is almost $ 12. This is the highest value since the end of 2017. The median is then three dollars lower, according to the Bitcoinfees server. In practice, however, you can save significantly on fees.

For example, the pre-written Trezor hardware wallet allowed bitcoin to be sent with confirmation within twenty minutes for about four dollars. Those who have no problem waiting for the final confirmation of payment will save even more.

If You would like to know more about TREZOR Wallet, read our article about how this particular wallet works.

A sharp increase in transaction fees is typical for cryptocurrencies at a time of incipient or advanced investment mania.

This is partly because some speculators are trying to get their digital coins on the cryptocurrency exchange as quickly as possible (that is, at the cost of burnt fees) so that they can sell them profitably.

Bitcoin network

According to the Coindesk portal, the temporary clogging of the bitcoin network is also due to a temporary decline in its performance caused by the failure of Chinese miners. Miners, by their very nature, provide the necessary computer power for the smooth operation of the bitcoin payment system.

A relatively small proportion of bitcoin owners do not have to bother with expensive payments at all. However, only if they use digital wallets supporting a relatively new technological solution called Lightning Network.

This is a special secondary layer deployed on a bitcoin network. The goal of this solution is to radically reduce the price of cryptocurrency so that fees shrink from a few dollars to a few pennies. Such conveniences are supported, for example, by Phoenix or BlueWallet wallets