Blockchain info in the times of coronavirus

How to defeat the coronavirus pandemic? According to the American Center for Disease Control and Prevention, innovations based on cryptocurrencies will help. Such as Bitcoin. We are talking about blockchain, a decentralized accounting book, the advantages of which include, in particular, data security.

Because it is usually managed by independent computers located around the world, it is tough to hack such a database. These features could be used in the development of various mobile applications. This will serve as a certificate that the individual in question has passed a coronavirus test with a negative result.

Security of Blockchain Technology

The key is that, due to the security architecture of the blockchain, the data stored on it could theoretically be considered relevant by state authorities. For example, the Berlin start-up Sphericity, or researchers at the University of Villanova in Pennsylvania. They develop their projects with similar ambitions. The practical use is obvious. When traveling abroad, many countries are likely to require confirmation of the coronavirus test. And in the 21st century, it offers not to rely on a counterfeit paper file. On the other hand, the blockchain has existed for over ten years. And yet, has not found any other mass use apart from cryptocurrencies. As the info about Blockhain shows, it could be useful for beating the pandemic. Repeated mantras have changed the way the principles of the decentralized ledger change the world.

Digital passport

Even if the idea of ​​a “coronavirus digital passport” comes to fruition. There will be an opportunity to materialize fears of spying on citizens. These can pacify words about complete anonymization of data. Also, by publishing the source code of the application. But the Orwellian eye would notice that more and more activities require a pass during the corona crisis. This will the citizen under ever-increasing control. Bloomberg recently reported concerns about the digital Big Brother. It may offer a better metaphor for Franz Kafka’s present than George Orwell.

The reason is the confusing number of digital control tools that do not always fully communicate with each other. Who would you call if you wanted to claim data in a database that has no main administrator? It sounds like a sweet coffee shop.