Ethereum is an open-source, public, distributed blockchain-based computing platform and an operating system with smart contracting (scripting) functionality. Ethereum supports a modified version of the Nakamoto Consensus through transactional state transitions.

DAO Hack

The DAO Hack

In 2016, the Ethereum network suffered the largest setback in its short history due to the DAO hack. In this article, we...
All about ethereum

All About Ethereum and Ether

Just like Bitcoin, Ethereum is a decentralized system that is impervious to alterations from single users. It is a digital currency that...
What is digital currency

What is a Cryptocurrency?

Digital currencies work in a very similar way to official national currencies (the money you can save in a regular bank account)....
Digital Currencies Market

Digital Currencies Markets

Cryptocurrency markets are online platforms where you may purchase or sell digital currencies. These transactions may involve two different cryptocurrencies or the...

Decentralized apps – dAPPs

Main characteristics of a decentralized app (or dAPP) The term dAPPs refers to internet apps that run on...

GAS and NEO – Differences

If you do not know what GAS and NEO are, an apt comparison that you might be more familiar with is, the...