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Ethereum – ERC-20

What is ERC-20? ERC-20 means Ethereum Request for Comments. It is a new technical standard that defines a set...
Difference between Markets

Stock vs. Crypto Markets

Cryptocurrency investments have become increasingly common over the years. More and more people are adding cryptocurrency investments to their existing capital investment...
Digital Currencies Market

Digital Currencies Markets

Cryptocurrency markets are online platforms where you may purchase or sell digital currencies. These transactions may involve two different cryptocurrencies or the...
Is digital currencies mining advantageous

Should You Try Crypto Mining?

Why is cryptocurrency mining important and why don't all forms of electronic money require it? We can make a quick comparison with...

Trading with leverage

Cryptocurrency trading is a very profitable activity involving digital currencies (crypto assets). Brokers are one of the main players in this activity,...

Decentralized apps – dAPPs

Main characteristics of a decentralized app (or dAPP) The term dAPPs refers to internet apps that run on...
Stock market security

Security of Cryptocurrencies and in Crypto Markets

If you are involved in cryptocurrencies, you are almost certain to have noticed several significant events in the past that were...
Cryptocurrency millionaire builds a city based on the programmable platform Ethereum

Cryptocurrency millionaire builds a huge utopian blockchain city in Nevada

Jeffrey Berns is a cryptocurrency millionaire who decided to change the world for the better use of blockchain, with the Ethereum programmable...