It is obvious that Coronavirus will stop all blockchain events around the World. Months after the confirmation of the first cases of Coronavirus (COVID 19) infections, the effect of the disease is undeniable. Consequently, the negative impact on Blockchain events is only accelerating even more during the last few months. The number of deaths worldwide exceeds 4,000 people. And it is evident that several countries are already reporting a lot new cases every day. Most schools and universities are closing their doors. And several live events are postponed or completely canceled until further announcement.

Some of these events include major conferences related to the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem. One of the first was TOKEN2049. Initially, it was taking place from March 16 to March 22, in Hong Kong. But it was unexpectedly postponed until October 2020.

Coronavirus and Blockchain events

Weeks later, the Paris Blockchain Week Summit followed. Eventually, it was necessary to change the dates of this event. Initially, it was taking place between March 30 and April 1. But now, the event has new dates that will take place between December 9 and 10 of the same year. However, taking into account that this is one of the largest blockchain meetings during this year, it is unknown whether France’s ban will cause it to be canceled.

The largest exchange by trade volume, Binance, also postponed its live event. Binance Blockchain Week was happening between February 29 and March 4 in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. Until now, and despite announcing its suspension more than a month ago, Binance still have no comment about when it will take place, but we believe that it will take place until next year.

To have an idea about how the coronavirus has changes during this year, right here you can check the timeline of the COVID 19 pandemic: