El Salvador and Bitcoin: “Who wants Pizza Hut?”. Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele asked publicly this question. He shared the tweet on the day the new law came into force. It requires all traders with the technical means to adopt BTC in the country.

Breakfast at McDonald’s for BTC

Some small business selling bananas on the street may not accept the new global currency. On the other hand, corporations like McDonald’s have already begun to introduce a new payment method.

“Please scan the code to pay”. This is written on the new receipt.

Everything can be paid with Bitcoin in El Salvador

Of course, you can still pay in dollars. But right now, in El Salvador, you have the option to pay for everything in BTC. This includes taxes, fines, licenses, taxi drivers, buses, rentals, weekly purchases, and even debts you may have with the bank.

Life with BTC has become a right here. This was difficult to imagine a few months ago, and it is still difficult to understand even during its development.

Corporations have several months’ notice. The government and established business service providers are now accepting Bitcoin. They say that it is interesting to see if El Salvador experiences bitcoin tourism, as individuals may want to see for themselves what it is all like.

The government of El Salvador has issued a Bitcoin wallet called Chivo. The beginning was a bit faulty, but now everything seems to be running smoothly. Salvadorans will receive $30 in BTC, simply for downloading the app.

Nayib Bukele’s millennial is deeply popular there and is credited with bringing crime under control. However, some protested against the introduction of the BTC, but the protests were tiny, with barely a dozen participants.

Therefore, the Salvadorans seem to have supported this move, which fully distinguishes their country. So Bitcoin is something that can well attract tourism for as long as this unique offer lasts.

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It is certainly interesting to see how BTC will develop further with a country that fully supports it, such as El Salvador.