Get paid in cryptocurrency with Stripe on Twitter

The payment company Stripe recently officially announced the expansion of global payments through cryptocurrencies. He is thus launching a pilot program on Twitter that will enable the payment of cryptocurrencies through the Polygon Network.

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Stripe and new projects how to get paid in cryptocurrency

A few days ago, the American financial company Stripe officially announced on its blog the progress in the field of cryptocurrencies thanks to a partnership with the social network Twitter. The payment company states that it will allow a small group of creators to send and receive payments in the cryptocurrency called stablecoin USDC.

The official blog states:

“Twitter is a place where people go to conversion about what’s happening, and we focus on helping the creators who lead this conversation to make money and connect to the public in a new way. We are excited to create creators through Stripe to make the creators have a better choice of getting paid.”

Stripe also announces that Twitter will become the first company to integrate a new payment method into monetization products. The payment company chooses Polygon Network for cryptocurrency payments and to process all on-chain transactions due to low fees, scalability, and broad compatibility.

The company will support the USDC payout, but other cryptocurrencies are not ruled out. Stripe product manager Karan Sharma states that Stripe will initially support USDC payments in the official blog. They plan to add support for additional cryptocurrencies.”

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Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey spoke about similar cryptocurrency integration efforts and projects. It may be just a few years and everybody will get paid in cryptocurrency.