Do you like to spend your free time playing games, you can spend hours at the computer, and sometimes you say, “If you could make money this way, I would be a millionaire”? Well, I may surprise some of you now, but it’s possible. Nowadays, it is possible to earn real money by playing classic online games. Electronic sports are on the rise, and it is not just about football and hockey, as it might seem at first glance from the name. On the contrary, action games and all titles with any spectator interest make money.

So let’s take a closer look at this exciting issue – maybe you’ll find inspiration here.

So in this article, we’ll look at some ways to make money playing online games. And no, you don’t have to worry. I don’t mean gambling, like roulette, slot machines, online poker, etc., where some money is taken out of you rather than earning something.

I don’t even mean competition games like send an SMS and win or spin a lucky round.

We also won’t talk about game development, although programmers/developers can undoubtedly make decent money. I mean classic games such as puzzle building, memory games, PC games, mobile games with thousands of other users, etc.

1. Become a member of the E-sports team

Esport (electronic sport) is a new phenomenon where players’ teams compete in online gaming and earn money for promotion and victory. It is an industry that is very popular with young people, but it also brings spectator response (in the USA, many such tournaments can sell out huge stadiums). It has its advertising, and thanks to that, the championship organizer can offer players exciting rewards. Just like in the NBA or NHL, but without muscles, sneakers, and skates, only with a keyboard and mouse or gamepad in hand…

Progamer, as such professional players are called, sometimes earns fabulous sums. However, his career usually lasts only a few seasons. Nevertheless, he can make such an income that he does not have to work for a long time during this time. If you play just for fun, but you are an outstanding player, and you believe you can succeed – why haven’t you tried it yet? The door is open. Maybe all you have to do is knock and wait a moment. A sponsor can buy you a new computer or quality headphones – even that reward counts, right? If you are great in Dota 2, Fortnite, CounterStrike, League of Legends, or StarCraft II!

However, be aware that it will not be a walk in the rose garden. Players of individual sports teams must adhere to strict rules, train regularly, and meet the marketing expectations of partners/sponsors and athletes in football, hockey, and others. So it isn’t the easiest way to make money with online games.

2. Playing memory games, puzzles, and other games

If you are more of an introvert and you are not tempted to play in huge arenas in front of ten thousand fans, but on the contrary, you would instead make some money yourself in the comfort of your home, so know that such a possibility also exists. However, this is only a little extra income than the first option, where you work full-time. But every crown fits.

I can also describe my own experience here because I have earned money in this way in the past. Today only sporadically, because I don’t have time to play.

I will briefly mention other games that I know and how you can improve. These are,, and

However, these games are big “eaters” of the time, and if you want to be among the best and earn something, you will probably have to invest your own money. At least from the beginning of the game, the start-up is very slow.

The first is a political, economic, military, and social simulator. There are many ways to play this game. You can become a soldier and destroy other players in wars, become an entrepreneur and start your own business, or become a politician (if not in the real world, then at least in the game), and you will decide the country’s fate. is an online game based on a typical city simulation. In the beginning, after registration, you will have a small village with several buildings. Your task will be to expand your town, improve facilities to a higher level and mine raw materials. After a while, you will build a gold mine and mine virtual gold, which you will exchange for either real money or gold castings. is a football manager, so finally, something for sports fans. Football online games. Your task in this game will be to take care of the economy of the football club and thus make sure that the income exceeds the costs, train the team and develop your club park.

Of course, there are more games where you can make extra crowns; this is just the tip of the iceberg. Try surfing the Internet, and you will find more.

3. GPT systems

The so-called GPT (Get Paid To) sites also offer the opportunity to earn extra money by playing games, and we often call these systems clickers. Get Paid This is an English term, and in translation, it means to get paid for some activity. We can consider it an action, such as playing games, watching videos, filling out questionnaires, writing reviews, and performing other simple tasks and various micro-jobs.

GPT sites are therefore multifunctional portals offering earnings by performing various tasks. You get points for these, which you will later be able to exchange either for money or gift e-vouchers for purchases in Amazon or other stores.

Some sites even offer rewards in-game codes for popular games such as League of Legends, World of Warcraft, and the like, or gift codes on XBOX live and Playstation Network. So this can be a very easy way to make money playing online games.

In this article, you will find a couple of GPT companies, all of which pay reliably (personal experience).

4. Testing online games – become a tester and get a financial reward

If there is a position in the video game industry that can financially evaluate even players left in video games, then it is the game tester. What exactly is going on? Of course, developers/programmers working on game development need testers to uncover hidden possibilities and get feedback from those who play the game. The procedure is the same as testing other products, from electronics to a package of sweets, a new lemonade, and paper handkerchiefs.

The tester will try and comment on the product/game, write a review, express his opinion, and not save the company that intends to send his work to the market. But criticism must be constructive – as the classic would say. And, of course, it won’t be accessible at all. On the contrary – you can either get the original version of the game for your PC or a financial reward. And the soul of a passionate tester will undoubtedly be warmed by the fact that he will be influenced to some extent by everything that appears in the game in the future. And, of course, that’s not enough. On the contrary, you could say that the player becomes a co-author.

Testing PCs and mobile games for real money is a must for high school students with a ton of free time, fun, and extra income in one. However, there is no age restriction here, so it can easily be suitable for students, pensioners, or mothers on maternity leave.

It can be different types of cooperation – brigade on the agreement (DPP), trade, and average contract employment. I have also found a few such offers on the Internet.

Earnings aren’t the biggest, like a regular job, but you’re still paid to play games, and that’s great.

And how to look for such job offers? Open a Google search engine and list key terms, such as “we’re looking for game testers,” “game tester, brigade,” “working in the gaming industry,” or “online game beta tester.”

The search engine will find several exciting job offers and brigades with a bit of luck. You can also read this article, in which I focus on the profession of game tester and application in more detail. There are some interesting tips on where to look for deals.

If you have the talent to comment on what is happening around you and you like to play computer games, another possibility of extra income is directly offered, and it would be a great pity not to use it to make money while playing online.

Game streaming means live streaming of your gaming. You may be wondering how many people in the world enjoy watching gaming celebrity videos, whether it’s Counter-Strike, Fifa, Fortnite, or another game title. It depends on taste, football or shooter, generally anything that finds a loyal audience. Then all you have to do is make videos and wait for the fans, who will find you much more accessible through social networks. Facebook, YouTube, or the relatively modern Twitch, choose the channel you want to breakthrough. Streaming works on relatively simple principles, but it is often really successful.

But how to stream games? Maybe you always enjoyed watching your friends or older sibling play computer games, sometimes you said a few sentences and made everyone present laugh. Twitch is an online streaming service that is probably the most popular in this field in the world. However, you will need software that transmits events from your monitor to the world – of course, it doesn’t have to be world-class, and some options are free.

At least initially, when you still don’t know if you will succeed, you will probably be pleased that the investment does not have to be high. You would play PC games or consoles the same, and there is nothing to deal with. The advantage is fast Internet, plenty of free time and originality. Let the audience look into your life, and success is guaranteed.

The Streamer community is relatively large, but there is still room for new members, as in many other entertainment industry sectors, where filming and commenting on one’s acting undoubtedly belongs.

You can then earn in several ways – through donations from viewers, so-called subscribers, i.e., indirectly – through advertising.

6. Sell rare items to other players…

You have completed a challenging level of a game in which many experienced people have broken their teeth, and you have received a reward in the form of a rare game item. It can be an ax to fantasy or some other MMO game that will deprive more enemies of health, but also an item that will make it easier for you to play. In short, only those who have spent a lot of time will find something. And some other players would like to get such an item and do not hesitate to pay real money. If you have an eye and skill to acquire those objects, you do not even have to play games online to make money, you can just sell items on the internet like with physical objects.

After all, it’s true that you’ve no doubt heard of gold in free-to-play games for which you get premium upgrades – and this is a very similar principle. You pay someone who makes your playing a little easier and vice versa. You earn extra money when you have the item twice or don’t like the game so much and would like to monetize the effort to find a rare commodity.

Brilliant examples of making money by selling or trading in various items and weapons are the RPG games Diablo 3, World of Warcraft, and League of Legends. Sure, you don’t make much money on these games these days, but a few years ago, many players were willing to pay tens of thousands of crowns for a legendary artifact.

These three games are, of course, just the tip of the imaginary iceberg. Try searching, and you will find more.

7. Writing articles and reviews about online games

Another variant of earning through computer games or consoles is quite apparent. If you don’t like competing in front of a huge audience and you’re not even attracted to streaming online games, then there’s one option you might like. People don’t just enjoy playing or watching someone play, and they also enjoy reading about games. So you could write articles and create reviews on PC / mobile games.

You would work as a copywriter, a person who makes living writing texts. If you are not only familiar with the world of computer games, then you are halfway to success, and you can write about them. First, just a short review in the comments from the seller and see how successful you will be. Test your skills find out if you have a professional writing review. Maybe in the future, you will get to the editorial board of a gaming magazine and have the opportunity to try out the news that has not yet been launched on the market. Then write your impressions of the beta version, add a rating whether you recommend this game to your readers or not, and the review is out there.

It is not written anywhere that you cannot go further in time. In general, there are never enough reviews and observations from the world of computer and mobile games.

An alternative could be to create your blog, and if it succeeds, offers to collaborate from the newsrooms will flood you. And if not, you can still make money on your own. There are countless ways to make money on the blog, primarily focusing on games.

With such work, you will gain an overview of the games, and in the future, if you decide to become a streamer, you could use your rich experience and knowledge.

8. Last but not least, you can create podcasts

Record sound you play when you have a free moment or travel by train. Podcasting is a classic today, and it is an alternative to the radio when cooking or playing sports. It’s not just a definitive reading of the written text. Let’s not confuse a podcast automatically with audiobooks. This is one of the other ways, you can make money with playing online or offline games, but you don’t need to play them in front of audience. You can just share you thoughts and perks from playing those games in your free time.

Interview with a star, telling your own experiences, or even describing the environment in a favorite game? There are no limits to your imagination, and the latter, in particular, will practice your vocabulary. Money-making games are widespread today. These are titles of interest to young people and are a society-wide phenomenon. And maybe it’s one of your favorites. Then all you have to do is pay attention to them and record.

An alternative can be to create tutorials, i.e., instructions manuals on playing the game correctly and as best as possible. If you recently went through a very challenging game and didn’t think many other players could handle it, you can shoot a tutorial for them.

9. Online casinos as an option? Yes, but…

An extensive family making money by playing online games could include an online casino, resp. The online roulette, poker, blackjack, or slot machines that you have probably heard of in the past.

But as I mentioned in the introduction, it’s not so much about making money as throwing away money. You may be profitable in the short term, but this is what will make you bet more and more money, and you will lose everything in the end. The conditions in the online environment are not set so that you win in the casino. You’d better try a live casino, like sports stars, and try to make it fun, rather than gambling, where you’re wasting your life.

I also recommend avoiding the various mobile applications that offer games to make real money, but first, require you to pay a registration fee. Also, avoid multiple applications where you can allegedly earn cryptocurrencies for free.

Conclusion about how to make money with online games

As you can see, there are several natural ways to make money playing games from home. And in some cases, it may not be just a small side income from work or study.

In general, however, you must enjoy it in the first place. If you don’t like playing computer games, or have never tried it before, you will try it for free. It will bore you after a short time.