Monero community finances Locha Mesh

Venezuelan project Locha Mesh will receive financing from the Monero community

The Venezuelan Locha Mesh team will receive financial support of around 150 XMR (USD 13,000 at the current exchange rate). This to promote the development of a mesh network that guarantees transactions with cryptocurrencies. Meaning, it won’t need any Internet or electrical service connection. Also, it will be out of the reach for censorship.

Monero community

Through a tweet, the Monero community announced that they decided to approve the financing of the project. Their proposal was presented to the Community Crowdfunding System (CCS) where the specifications of the agreement are explained.

Firstly, Monero’s financing system will guarantee the monthly payment of 50 XMR. This to cover the full-time work of two developers for three months. Secondly, to make these payments, the community carried out a crowdfunding process. This is how they got the 150 XMR award to the project.

Further, the Locha Mesh team committed to building a DIY (do-it-yourself) version of the Turpial and Harpia devices (used to create Mesh networks). Likewise, they will improve the project documentation so that those who work with Monero join efforts and can contribute to the Locha Mesh code. Later, in three months, the team will be able to carry out a demo using Turpial devices to send messages through a mesh network. Hopefully Monero will find the space for it in no time, and change the course of this exciting cryptocurrency.


To sum it up, Locha Mesh is almost like a parallel Internet. Also, it is also anonymous and decentralized, and operates with a low-cost / open-source hardware and software. Therefore, the objective is that any Venezuelan can join the network.

If you are interested about the history of Monero, its regulations and privacy features, here you can read more about it and its transaction linkability: