Revolut, Standard account payments

Revolut gives access to buy Gold and Cryptocurrencies with a standard account

Your crisis also has its positives, and it can be confirmed by yesterday’s announcement of Revolut. Ten newly available Standard accounts buy cryptocurrencies and gold, images according to your account upgrade to Premium or Metal.

Revolut takes place as the final company. During the situation when it is possible to approach your customer.

Cryptocurrencies for all without exception

The British fintech startup Revolut has recently decided to support its users during the coronavirus pandemic. It enters into the purchase of cryptocurrencies. This step is not new to Revolut. The company considers the planned adjustments to the services for the Standard Account at the end of this year. Still, the company also expected the highest possible situation regarding the spread of coronavirus. The management of Revolut is trying not to hear that this step wants to be more than ten people who wish to enter another investment alternative and offer them better financial management.

The purchase of cryptocurrency players with paid Premium and Metal accounts is new. But also with a Standard account, for which no fees are charged. This does not mean that the same rules did not apply to them as to others. Until the end of April, transactions with cryptocurrencies of the state fee of 1.5% will be paid as before, for higher tariffs. In May, the company will increase this rate to a full 2.5% for Standard only.

During the month, the purchase of gold is also available

Cryptocurrencies, which are not the only previously paid service, supports Revolut offers to all its friends. During the best weeks, it is planing different attitudes for everyone. Even to buy gold, although it only launched this service much later.

According to the company, the main reason is to offer possible reservations and opportunities to diversify their portfolio. For Standard, the purchase of gold should be available again during May. With a higher fee than for other tariffs, up to 1.5% instead of 0.25%.