Ripple XPR has partnered with the top ten best universities in the world. The aim of research and funding will be blockchain and its possibilities.

Ripple XPR announced its report on February 7, 2019. The company created the University Blockchain Research Initiative (UBRI) to collaborate. Its goal is to help grow the blockchain ecosystem.

Carnegie Mellon, Cornell, Duke, Georgetown, Morgan State, Kansas, Michigan, and Northeastern Universities are now joining the initiative. The biggest draw is the National University of Singapore. It has long been one of the top technology researchers in Asia. The last addition to the UBRI family is the University of Sao Paulo.

Last month, Ripple announced a partnership with the Institute for Fintech Research (THUIFR) at Beijing University. The institution will now work with UBRI.

Under the heading of Ripple XPR funding, there are many things that individual universities can now afford. The main goal will be the research, development, and testing of new technologies. There will also be courses, blockchain conferences, or scholarships for students looking for cryptocurrency, digital payment systems, or Internet technologies.

For example, the University of Georgetown will support “dissemination of curricula and teaching, research and technology projects across all disciplines”. Every university has its plan to deal with the support. For example, the University of Sao Paulo is planning to launch an innovative program for young blockchain programmers. Additionally, Ripple XPR now has a total of 29 university partners, according to its blog.

History and objectives of the UBRI project

Firstly, Ripple launched the initiative in June 2018. For the whole project, $50 million was earmarked. Meanwhile, a platform of 17 universities from all over the world was connected.

In his statement of February 7, Eric van Miltenburg said:

“In less than a year, our UBRI partners have succeeded in launching new research projects, community events, course offerings, and much more. Extending the ecosystem to a more globally interconnected, diversified UBRI partner system will only help enrich these projects.

In terms of price, Ripple has been on the same level for several days. At the time of writing, the price has stabilized at $0.294, and there is no indication that we should experience any price movements in the coming days. Consequently, Ripple XPR has decided to continue its BUILD strategy, coined and promoted by CEO Binance Changpeng Zhao.

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