Stock market news - 4th Industrial Revolution

Certainly, the market situation (and a significant slowdown in economies) is giving time to orientate and take advantage of the ongoing industrial revolution. The early years of “triggering innovation” are over. Now is the time for the new sectors to mature and bear fruit. As the Stock Market News show, here you can find the list of most promising stocks. Below, new sectors of technology.

Currently, the 4th Industrial Revolution concerns the following technology sectors: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, Blockchain.

Artificial intelligence

Above all, one of the most pioneering innovations in technology is the artificial intelligence. Consequently, AI is needed for autonomous vehicles, new specialized medical interventions, and many other sectors.

These are devices (or robots) that use artificial intelligence. They respond to data and impulses from their environment. Also, they make independent decisions based on these incentives. Besides, artificial intelligence facilities will have the ability to learn. Therefore, it is not just about numerical performance, but also about the ability to make independent decisions.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing means that all kinds of IT services, such as software, databases, servers, and networks, are provided over the Internet. As a result, end-users have access to their software and applications anytime, anywhere. The use of cloud services has been skyrocketing in the last few years.

According to experts, the transition to cloud solutions is still in its infancy. Meanwhile, companies are expected to transfer data and control functions to the cloud increasingly. Public cloud services are Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud.

Internet of Things & 5G

The Internet of Things refers to the situation where everyday devices are connected to a network and can exchange data through each other. Simple examples of the Internet of Things are a smart refrigerator or a smart thermostat.

Similarly, a super-fast 5G network is essential for a well-functioning Internet of Things. This may be the missing piece of the puzzle to make autonomous vehicles a daily phenomenon. Because an autonomous vehicle has to process vast amounts of information in a short time, they need fast network connectivity and low latency.


Blockchain technology is a public database for data transmission. Consequently, everything is happening in real-time. It must be approved by everyone who operates in the blockchain. Since all participants have a copy of the blockchain and must verify each transaction, this naturally blocks the possibility of fraud.

Blockchain technology has the potential to make collaboration between companies, governments, and private individuals. All of this, in a very safe, efficient, and inexpensive process.

The six best stocks of the 4th Industrial Revolution for 2020

What shares can you invest in these technologies? News from the stock market can give you a hint. Above all, the big names that deal with the technical topics discussed above are:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): Alphabet;;
  • Cloud Computing: Apple; Salesforce; Microsoft
  • Internet of Things: Baidu; Tesla; IBM
  • Blockchain: Intel; NVIDIA; Twilio

New promising companies in these sectors are also emerging. However, many of them are not yet listed. Moreover, these include AlphaSense, Cloudminds, Datarobot, and OpenAI.

1. Shares of Nvidia Corp (NVDA)

Computer hardware manufacturer Nvidia Corp has overgrown in recent years by strengthening its position in the graphics chip market. Nvidia produces the most popular graphics card for gamers. Therefore, it benefits from the actively growing phenomenon of e-sport. Similarly, other significant growth markets for Nvidia are data centers, automated control products, and artificial intelligence.

Nvidia’s GPU chips are well suited for vital cryptographic solutions. Nvidia is recognized worldwide as one of the significant manufacturers of cryptocurrency mining equipment (such as bitcoins). Likewise, Blockchain technology is used for cryptocurrency mining. As a result, Nvidia is a true pioneer in artificial intelligence.

Machine and automatic learning, as well as cryptographic mining, requires enormous computing power. GPU chips are also used in the healthcare sector. In the future, they should be able to distinguish between infected and healthy cells in carcinogenic diseases.

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2. Stocks Alphabet (GOOGL)

Alphabet Inc (Google) is one of the most exciting companies in the world. As more and more people use the Internet, the Alphabet’s advertising revenue is soaring. Certainly, Google is responsible for approximately 85% of the company’s turnover. The company effectively uses advertising capital for research and development (R&D).

The company has been using machine learning for years to provide users with better search results in their Internet browser. Alphabet has also recently decided to take significant steps in the cloud area. This is an up-and-coming industry. However, Alphabet lags behind competing companies Amazon and Microsoft.

Under the leadership of the new cloud division manager, Thomas Kurian, the company bought four companies operating in the sector last year. In addition to cloud computing, the technology giant also goes into other activities. Similarly, one of the most famous is Waymo. It is a division that develops a self-driving Google Driverless Car. Another well-known example is the Nest intelligent thermostat, which is already available in Europe.

Subsequently, Alphabet has acquired several small companies developing IoT products to increase their know-how in this sector and their market share. The company has massive plans in this area. One relevant product is the Nest.

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3. Amazon Shares (AMZN)

Amazon is currently operating the world’s largest cloud service, Amazon Web Services (AWS). It dates back to 2006. However, the most significant advances have been made in the last five years. Further, AWS is right now the largest and most comprehensive public cloud platform in the world.

AWS helps organizations build a fast and flexible IT environment, without initial investment and at a competitive price. Also, AWS provides turnkey artificial intelligence solutions for companies with their applications and workflows.

With AWS, every company (from start-up to multinational) can use state-of-the-art technology at a little cost, which is charged on a real-time basis, so there is no need to invest in large amounts in advance. This makes Amazon cloud services extremely scalable.

Currently, approximately 15% of turnover comes from this high-speed growing division. AWS is increasingly crucial to Amazon’s profitability. The cost of setting up this business has already been paid, and the current fixed costs are low. Consequently, this is one of the reasons why share price has risen sharply in recent years. And the Stock market news can approve that.

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4. Microsoft Shares (MSFT)

The Microsoft Azure cloud platform is currently one of the winners in cloud services. Microsoft’s current focus on the themes of the future is evident from the agreement on the development of artificial intelligence tools that the company has entered into with St. Louis Hospital. Joseph Health.

Providence operates seven hospitals across the US and moves data and applications from its own data centers to the Microsoft cloud. Under this five-year agreement, 119,000 doctors and nurses will have access to Microsoft Office and Microsoft teams.

Microsoft competes with Amazon and Alphabet in cloud services. Focusing on a narrow market segment is Microsoft’s strategy to win the lead in this competitive market.

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5. Shares of Alibaba Group (BABA)

Over the past 20 years, Alibaba Group Holding Ltd has grown into an e-commerce company of spectacular size. But the company also works in other areas. Founded in 2009, Alibaba Cloud has invested vast capital over the last decade.

There are currently 19 Alibaba Cloud data centers worldwide. The cloud computing business shows an increase of 64% in the last quarter. Now, it is responsible for 8% of the company’s total turnover.

Alibaba naturally competes with Microsoft,, and Alphabet in the cloud segment. These US companies have grown into the world’s largest cloud service providers in recent years. According to recent studies, the cloud market is already worth about $214 billion. Consequently, as the news are predicting, analysts expect the stock market to grow much higher.

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6. Tesla Shares (TSLA)

Tesla, Inc is an excellent example of a company that has benefited tremendously from the sensation of new technologies in recent years. For car manufacturers, the stock rating seems extreme.

The company is a leading player and symbol in the field of electric vehicles. Meanwhile, the revolutionary automaker also gained a lot of knowledge about artificial intelligence. Although details of artificial intelligence technology are rare, Tesla has previously worked with NVIDIA. Tesla has now designed its chips based on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The arrival of vehicles with autonomous driving can have a massive impact on our daily lives in the next 10-15 years. Tesla, Google, Renault, and others are trying to make it happened as soon as possible. But only Tesla is giving you the option to try autonomous driving in production cars.

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As mentioned above, these are the most promising stocks in these new technologies. And don’t forget to follow Stock Market News to see if the profit is worth the investment.