Very bad news for all. Volatility in the markets is rising. This is a measure of the market price of an asset. In other words, volatility refers to how much the price jumps up or down. With bitcoin, and cryptocurrencies, it is normal to have 10%. On the other hand, even 5% a day in the stock markets is already a very strange figure. Well, during this week, we just recorded several fluctuations in stock indices.

COVID 19: As stocks continue to fall, Bitcoin has risen above $9,000

Coronavirus, known as COVID’19, continues to spread from China to the world. It is very bad news for all of us. Not just because we can never know in advance how serious it will eventually be, but also because is bad news for the financial markets and the economy, including cryptocurrencies. Market recovery did not last long, and during the Dow Jones index recorded another record fall. Actually, more than 6%. The increase of volatility is due to the uncertainty coming with the coronavirus. Right now, we can just wait to find a vaccine as soon as possible.

The central banker proclaims FUD: Bitcoin crypto miners are to prepare for losing all their money

Andrew Bailey, a banker and future governor of the Bank of England, came before the British parliament to spread warning shouts about alleged future bitcoin “crashes.” In addition to his lack of attachment, he noted that he had no intrinsic value. Similar shouts and warnings have been accompanying Bitcoin practically since its inception in 2009. Critics often reject BTC because of its intangible electronic form, and say it has no intrinsic value. Unknowingly, they only point to the fact that fiat money itself has no intrinsic value since the abolition of gold coverage, and it is possible (in contrast to BTC) to issue it in an almost unlimited amount.

Red Swan tokenize real estate for $2.2 billion

Real estate tokenization is an interesting way to use cryptocurrencies and blockchain. These tokens are easy to trade. Depending on the blockchain, they can also be held on regular wallets (eg ERC 20). At the same time, they function as a form of collective investment in real estate. Red Swan reports that 30,000 accredited investors have already registered on their platform. They will pay the platform for users to determine the percentage as a fee. At present, there is already $2.2 billion worth in token real estate, which is almost 50 billion. Another $4 billion should follow. Tokens have an insurance up to $1 billion.

WODL is the prerequisite for mass acceptance of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies – we need decentralization of wealth

At present, it is most important for real use of cryptocurrencies to be held by the mass of ordinary people. Let us not be overly influenced by news from the crypto world and forget this important thing. No one writes what happen when a person buys a few hundreds or thousands BTC. But when a large portion of the population does this, it gradually moves into the hands of ordinary people, and that is exactly what Bitcoin needs for its survival. This is a prerequisite for real acceptance at the level of people. Otherwise, it will only be a tool in the hands of several people that will eventually destroy it for their personal benefit.

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