The lucky crypto supporter won the NFT Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) by betting just $ 38 at Rollbit Casino, which calls itself the world’s first NFT casino.

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Who won the price?

“The item was immediately purchased by rollbit from opensea and delivered to the lucky player within 1 minute!”

– said Rollbit.

The NFT was bought seven months ago by someone called Mbabs, an NFT collector. On Monday, he sold it to Rollbot for 102.69 ETH, which is worth 280,000 USD. The lucky winner, who will not be named for his privacy but is a long-time bitcoin maker, the moment he learned he had won, he said:


We have no idea what most of this means, but the latter probably means “God Damnit F * cking Go.”

So he was excited, very much, with the winner later, when he calmed down, said:

“I’ll keep it until it’s worth $ 2 million, haha. I haven’t joined a secret club chat yet. Maybe Paris Hilton is there.”

The NFT currently appears as Rollbot’s assets because the casino is not entirely in a blockchain. So he keeps his trust in the winner, who is, of course, portrayed at the casino as the owner of the Bored Ape NFT.

“I have no idea how to choose the NFT. I have to try it as soon as possible, and it’s too poor for gasoline, he said.”

– says the winner.

Bored Ape and owns NFT

This is expected to be the most significant one-time win in Rollbit, a relatively new casino. At first, it had almost no value. Still, a token called Rollbit was launched, which was distributed to NFT holders – although not yet publicly, only within casino accounts – which increased the price of these NFTs and now has a decent value.

NFTs are on a blockchain with a minimum price approaching one eth, worth $ 2,700. While the most expensive of them, the metaverse do, came out at ten ETH.

This isn’t bad for some jpegs, but there’s a business model because these shoe holders get a share of the casino’s profits.

In addition to other Bored Ape NFTs, their winnings are rare. Still, it’s happening because the Paris Hilton club got a new member for only $ 38.