Once again, YouTube seems to be implementing measures against cryptocurrencies, taking down two videos uploaded by the crypto community.

Despite having denied it, it seems that YouTube’s policy against cryptocurrencies continues. The last time was a huge event last year, simultaneously deleting dozens of videos from creators related to cryptocurrencies. Now they removed from their platform two more videos made by important crypto influencers.

YouTube and Cryptocurrencies

The policy followed by YouTube measures against cryptocurrencies is not entirely clear. We say this because hostility from the Google company does not seem to be total or permanent. However, certain worrying episodes have occurred in the past. This has to lead the crypto community to consider the video platform an enemy of crypto assets.

Also, at the end of 2019, several crypto influencers suffered attacks from the platform at the same time. It not only deleted several videos from different creators it also reached the point of suspending the YouTube accounts of many of them. The reason given was that they contained “dangerous or harmful content” or talked about the sale of “regulated goods”.

Thus, important people in the crypto world, such as Chris Dunn, Crypto Beadles and Altcoin Daily, were affected by what appeared to be a censorship policy by YouTube. This was quickly denied by the company, which promised to resolve the problems caused by what they called an “error”.

Today’s measures

This, of course, did not cancel the community’s suspicions about the existence of an anti-cryptocurrency policy on the platform. Now, these suspicions seem to be confirmed. Users of the so-called “crypto Twitter” report that YouTube is deleting videos related to cryptocurrencies once again.

An example is the case of The Moon. An user affected during the first measures taken by YouTube at the end of last year. He recently denounced that the attack against his content continues. A new video of the creator, who was threatened with sanctions after being removed, appears to have been removed.

On the other hand, another crypto influencer, known as Ivan on Tech, also denounced the removal of one of his videos. In his case, YouTube did not only threaten him, it immediately applied a strike to his account on the platform.

In this way, comments rise again on the alleged censorship applied by YouTube on its creators of crypto content. This is posing the need to find other platforms on which to upload this content if creators want to escape the risk of staying on YouTube.

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