The popularity of specific tokens (NFT) rose sharply last year. NFT sales rose to $ 24.9 billion ($ 534.9 billion) from $ 94.9 million a year earlier. Creating NFT art is a new trend for a lot of people, and if you would like to learn what exactly NFT is, click right here to read the article about the topic.

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Tokens. A new form of digital ownership builds on blockchain – a digital ledger. Incidentally, cryptocurrencies, such as the best-known bitcoins, also use this.

The NFT is used to prove ownership of a particular thing that only exists in the virtual world. Typically, these can be works of art, famous memes, game items, and historical moments, such as sending the first SMS message. Because NFTs are created as unique, they often attract collectors and investors.

In addition, NFT tokens are tamper-resistant. People can store them in their blockchain wallet, similar to a digital wallet.

Creating NFT art can make you money in a few days

NFT can be a picture, a video, and a plot in the virtual world. DappRadar collects data from ten different blockchains used to register NFT owners.

The prices of some NFTs rose so fast that speculators managed to make money on them in just a few days. But the costs of some were also very volatile. The world of art, for example, is making a quick profit on the NFT. The auction halls sold the NFT for millions of dollars. One work of art in the form of a specific token was sold at a record $ 69.3 million at Christie’s last March.

However, the NFT has also sold some of the world’s leading brands, such as Coca-Cola and Gucci.

However, sales estimates from different data providers vary, depending on included. The data often do not capture sales of art NFTs in auction halls. CryptoSlam said NFT sales last year were $ 18.3 billion. CryptoSlam also tracks multiple blockchains., which tracks only blockchain ethereum, estimates revenue at $ 15.7 billion.

Last year, the money spent on the NFT roughly corresponded to the amount promised at the COP26 climate conference to help countries gradually move away from coal or the funds released by the World Bank (WB) to buy and deploy covid-19 vaccines.

Last year, 28.6 million digital wallets were traded with the NFT. A year earlier, there were 545,000.

The future of ownership in the online world

Some see the NFT as the future of ownership in the online world and the purchase of the NFT as an expression of confidence in the development of web3, a new emerging form of the global web www, or online world metaverse. Others do not understand why so much money is spent on items that do not physically exist.

According to a survey published in the journal Nature, only ten percent of traders accounted for 85 percent of all transactions with the NFT.

The most expensive known NFT cost $ 69.3 million; reports that the average price range is from $ 100 to $ 1,000. However, the prices of the most requested NFTs were very volatile.

The most popular category was collector’s tokens, followed by art. Land sales in the metaverse were also among the large transactions. The virtual landing investor bought land in the virtual world of The Sandbox for $ 4.3 million.