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XRP (Ripple). XRP (formerly Ripple) is not a classic cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. It was founded in 2012 by the American startup Ripple Lab to create an online payment network that allows people to quickly send and exchange money without high fees. RippleNET runs on the Ripple protocol and uses Ledger as an accounting book (similar to the blockchain of bitcoins). Confirmation of transactions proceeds by consensus of users on the network (an agreement that transactions have taken place) and is faster than confirmation by extraction. After Ethereum and Bitcoin, XRP is the currency with the third-largest market capitalization. The current number of coins in circulation is about 40 billion. We show the XRP exchange rate from exchanges, exchange offices, and CFD quotations.

Virtual currency market - XPR to BTC

Virtual Currency Market – XPR to BTC

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Ripple news – XRP contracts traded with Bitcoin

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