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What is Bitcoin mining?
Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and other cryptocurrencies are created by mining. It is a computation of a complicated mathematical problem for which a successful miner receives a share of coins.

The mining company groups selected unconfirmed payment transactions (Bitcoin transfers from account to account entered by network users) into the so-called block. The transaction is selected by the particular miner(s) at its discretion, the basic criterion for including or not including a transaction in a block is the fee that users offered when entering the transaction. Charged transactions will, therefore, be confirmed sooner.
The block must contain at least 1 transaction.
The solution to the mathematical task is to find a certain value depending on hashing functions, grouped transactions, and the current so-called limit. Because of the hash function, finding the right solution is random, so it generally depends primarily on the performance of the machines looking for the solution, not on the skills of the miner. A limit is a number set at any moment so that the solution of the currently solved blocks can be found on the whole network on average once every 10 minutes, so finding the solution is more difficult the more efficient the whole network is.

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