Raid on Xixoio by The Anti-mafia Police

Raid on Xixoio by The Anti-mafia Police

The police arrived at the headquarters of the technology company Xixoio, which is located in Prague 8. According to the Euro weekly,...
Lebanon inflation is still rising

Lebanon inflation is still rising

Lebanon is experiencing one of the worst periods since its independence. The country's inflation rate climbed to an incredible 211% in May...
FED Rates News - Increased

FED Rates News Increase

The US Federal Reserve (FED) raised its key interest rate by 50 basis points on Wednesday, i.e., 0.75 and 1%. This is...
European stock market news - One bad click was enough

European stock market news – One bad click was enough

European stock market news were full of a Citi bank dealer probably clicked and caused a stock sale. About 300 billion euros...

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FTX Crypto Exchange Saving Deal Canceled

At the beginning of the week, Bitcoin was around $21,000, but now it has fallen by $4,500. The collapse of one of...

Bitcoin Prediction to Stock Market

Which prediction we have as Bitcoin (BTC) shows admirable resilience in the broader economic environment, even under adverse conditions, investor attention is...

Predict Stock Market with Dollar

Predict stock market for this year's price movements in US stocks. That is, by increasing them from 1.5% to 3.8%. Further shifts...


History of trade

The Invention of Currencies

People have been trading since the beginning of humankind on planet Earth; inventing currencies made this activity easier than before. Throughout the...
All about Bitcoin

All about Bitcoin

What is Bitcoin? The answer to this question can take many forms. We could define bitcoin as a type...
Competition for Bitcoin and Facebook Libra from China?

Competition for Bitcoin from China?

The People's Bank of China, which serves as the country central financial authority, said that their cryptocurrency could be now considered as...

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Bitcoin protocol

Bitcoin’s Protocol

As we know, Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer payment network. Its developers designed its protocol so that it enables users to execute irrevocable...

The Ledger

The purpose of a company's accounting ledger is to record every one of its transactions. This includes movements between internal accounts, accounts...
Bitcoin forecast - Right time to beat $ 50,000?

Bitcoin Forecast – Right time to beat $50,000?

As the Bitcoin forecast suggests, the growth of BTC is essential for the entire crypto market, and we are waiting for Bitcoin...


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