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Education, the category that groups together all articles made for educating about cryptocurrencies, trading cryptocurrencies and how the market works. If you would like to learn more about how the crypto world works, this is the place for you. From the basics to technical analysis of the market, so everything you would need you can find in one place.

Cryptocurrencies - Basic information

Cryptocurrencies – Basic information

Cryptocurrencies: what are their benefit and use for? Not only beginners should ask this question. What are cryptocurrencies for,...
Candle charts - a basic knowledge

Candle charts – A basic knowledge

Our world is full of signs and symbols. In everyday life, we ​​meet them almost everywhere. Examples of various forms of graphic...
technical fundamental analysis

Technical Analysis vs Fundamental Analysis

Technical analysis Generally speaking, there are two approaches that traders use to determine whether the market will move up...
Basics of Trading

Basics of Trading

Basic Terminology and market analysis If you are new on the market analysis, here you can read all the...