When he was 12, he bought Bitcoin. Today, Erik Finman is a Millionaire

It’s a fairy tale story. When Finman was just 12 years old, he got $1,000 from his grandmother. Then, he agreed with his parents that if he made a million dollars for his diversified portfolio, he would not have to go to college. Finman decided to invest $1,000 in Bitcoin. At that time, the most famous digital currency was worth about $10. The main reason for the investment was to have more BTC than his brother, who only owned 40 bitcoins.

Finman was first introduced to Bitcoin when his older brother took him to a demonstration against Wall Street at a time of ongoing financial crisis. When they ran with their brother to the police, they met a man who had the Bitcoin sign on his shirt. Consequently, Finman knew what it was. The answer was in the spirit of a hippie atmosphere. The man told him it was an instrument that would overthrow today’s financial system. That is how he became a millionaire from Bitcoin.

Bitcoin price grew

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin continues to grow, but it is significantly higher than its controversial clone Erik Finman has bought 100 bitcoins. Over the next few years, he was struggling at school misunderstood by his teachers. They predicted his future at McDonald’s. Instead of school, Finman devoted himself to learning about cryptocurrencies and investing. This eventually brought him fabulous wealth. Finman managed to grow his 100 bitcoins into 450. Thanks to his knowledge of space, he discovered another good investment, which was Ethereum. After finishing school, Finman went straight to Silicon Valley, where he is currently working on two startups linked to cryptocurrencies.

The story of Eric Finman, Bitcoin millionaire, is a combination of happiness and good decisions. His assets today are around the $4 million mark. Finman himself says he is not a genius, but rather a child of fortune. The times when it was possible to get fabulously rich may be gone, but even today, bitcoin is growing – specifically by 130% per year. Bitcoin has become a technology toy globally recognized technology and a sovereign, financial system. Cryptocurrencies Crypto-graph of the week: How many people own bitcoin? There are still fewer of them than Apple Pay Finman users still hold their bitcoins. The main reason is the specific property that makes bitcoin an exceptional kind of currency. The feature is the absence of correlation with other markets.

Bitcoin in recent days

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency follow their own global rules. And the absence of correlation creates value. If an individual or institution wants to prepare for economic fluctuations, it is advisable to have a diversified portfolio, just like Erik Finman. Since the bitcoin market does not behave like any other market, bitcoin, like gold, is becoming a stabilizing factor for financial security. Cryptocurrencies Bitcoin speculators are stock in halves, every four years. Will it change the market? The world of decentralized and independent finance is at the door. Bitcoin was the first swallow and others will gradually join. For the time being, bitcoin remains the safest investment in the cryptocurrency world and a stabilizing factor for many portfolios.

Today, verified institutions such as Expobank also offer the purchase of bitcoins. It can be bought directly from internet banking in just a few clicks. Buying bitcoin has never been easier. But to became a Bitcoin millionaire is much more pricey.

Here you can read more about Bitcoin as an investment: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bitcoin#As_an_investment