British Prime Minister Johnson is in an intensive care unit. Dominic Raab, head of diplomacy, is now in charge of his duties.

The state of health of British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, who was admitted to London St. Tomas, got worse on Monday afternoon. The fifty-five year old Prime Minister went to an intensive care unit and has not changed his status since then. To clarify, the British diplomacy chief, Dominic Raab, is now in charge of his duties. In an interview with the BBC, he assured a government of a “strong team spirit.”

According to him, there was no need of a lung ventilator. Currently hee is only using oxygen support masks. He said that the government would inform the public in case of changes in the Prime Minister’s state of health. According to British media, the prime minister unit has been in intensive care since approximately 7pm local time (8pm CEST). The doctors decided to move him over there, just in case he will need lung ventilation. A spokesman for the Prime Minister’s office added that Johnson “remains conscious at the moment.”

Firstly, the Prime Minister has asked Foreign Minister, Dominic Raab, to represent him when necessary. Secondly, the Prime Minister will receive first-class care. This thanks to all NHS workers (the state health system) and for their strenuous work and commitment. This was the statement of the government office.


On Sunday evening, the fifty-five-year-old Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, moved to St. Thomas’ Hospital. This after struggling with the disease for more than a week. The government statement then spoke of “preventive action” and “routine” examinations. Even at an early press conference, Raab comments about Johnson that he was in contact with his colleagues. It was at the head of the government.

According to information from ITV reporters and The Times, the Prime Minister had breathing problems on Monday afternoon. Right now, he needs an oxygen machine. “When it became clear, they had to move him to intensive care. He told the counselor that Dominic Raab should represent him”. Steven Swinford wrote on Twitter.

Support from politicians

On March 27, the head of the Cabinet announced his positive coronavirus test. Many politicians have already responded to today’s worsening of his health. This includes the newly elected leader of the opposition labor, Keir Starmer. “Terribly sad news. All the country’s thoughts are with the Prime Minister and his family. Specially during this incredibly difficult time.” Said the leader on Twitter.

Similar messages came from Johnson’s predecessors at the premiere post, from Theresa May and David Cameron, or foreign politicians. “I wish him to pass this test quickly”. Said French President Emmanuel Macron. It is a “difficult moment”, we send “all support” to the British Prime Minister, his family, and the entire British people. US President Donald Trump said, “Americans are praying for Johnson.”

Czech President, Milos Zeman, also wished him a quick recovery. “Dear Prime Minister, I think of you. I wish you a lot of strength in the fight against the disease. Above all, I wish you to overcome it”. Said the President’s spokesman, Jiří Ovčáček, on Twitter.

Raaba chose the Prime Minister

In the evening’s development, the media pointed out that the British constitutional order does not determine who should temporarily lead the government when its chairman is unable to do so. “The British prime minister usually selects someone to take over his duties, if anything should happen,” the BBC explains. Someone became the head of the diplomacy at the beginning of the spread of the disease.

Further, in an evening television interview, Minister Raab spoke of the “incredibly strong team spirit” of the British government and the implementation of Johnson’s plans for a “coronavirus defeat”. “The work of the government will continue,” he said.

Johnson tweeted this afternoon

According to the BBC, Johnson is most vulnerable to high temperature and cough. On Monday, on Twitter, he assured that he was “in a good mood”. That is to say, it was just routine tests for which he was hospitalized. He then followed a tweet on the social network, thanking health professionals. He also called on the British to help the NHS and to stay safe in their homes. In addition, here you can follow Boris Johnson on Twitter.

Since the end of January, Johnson is one of the 50,000 people who have been infected with COVID-19 in Britain. The same fate affected, among other politicians, to the Minister of Health, Matt Hancock. In conclusion, right now he is no longer in quarantine. Consequently, the disease seems to have had a relatively mild course.

Boris Johnson on Twitter