First Blockchain Academy in Middle East?

The Swiss BSV will establish a blockchain academy in the Middle East. The BSV and SDA will work together through a new blockchain academy in Riyadh to create a quality foundation for the teaching and subsequent implementation of the blockchain.

The newly established institution will provide training and development tools for government organizations and businesses interested in these technologies.

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Is Blockchain Academy controversial?

The Saudi Blockchain Academy (SDA) is announced to work with the Swiss Bitcoin SV (BSV) to educate professionals and assist in implementing Saudi Vision 2030.

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) of Saudi Arabia has established the SDA as a significant national project to develop human capital and digital skills. It will prepare young people for employment in communications and information technology.

The school will be designed for developers and students, beginning entrepreneurs, business managers, and government agency officials.

Blockchain technology has seen a wide range of potential uses in many areas, such as financial services, healthcare, and telecommunications. Many large technology companies, including Google and IBM, have already seen their charm in the blockchain.

Ing. Faris AlSaqabi, Deputy Minister for Future Jobs and Skills at MCIT, said:

“Since the launch of the basic academies announced in October, we have constantly been striving to add new areas of teaching. Given the strong interest in blockchain technology, we are proud to be working with the BSV team to bring world-class blockchain training and education to Saudi Arabia. ”In this groundbreaking Middle East initiative.

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