Bored Ape projects includes the ApeCoin token

Bored Ape projects include ApeCoin token

ApeCoin ($ APE) has now hit the markets and is available to the masses. From the potential that Blockchain technology brings, it seems unlimited. The community must drive the future direction of this project.

So ApeCoin was developed to support what comes next, whatever it may be. The decentralized protocol layer will allow its community to move the culture forward metaverse.

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Bored Ape Projects

ApeCoin is a token that focuses primarily on games, culture, and business. With this token, the community is now eligible to contribute to the development of Web3. Holders can vote on the management and use of funds raised in the ecosystem. In this ecosystem, the Ape Foundation will act as an administrator to manage the decisions made by the community.

Of the total 1 billion tokens, the Ape Foundation said that as many as 62% of tickets are allocated to the ApeCoin community. Within this allocation will be 16%. Landing in BAYC, BACK owners NFT and MAYC. For the rest of the cryptocurrency community, difrenMain crypto-exchange has already listed this token. These include KuCoin, Bybit, Huobi, and other major platforms in the industry.

On the other hand, 14% of tokens will be reserved for launch contributors and developers who have made the project a reality. In the end, 8% will go directly to the four founders of BAYC.

In addition to being token management, ApeCoin offers access to various parts of the ecosystem that are not easily accessible, such as exclusive events, goods, games, and services. In addition, developers can participate in this ecosystem by integrating ApeCoin into their services, games, and other features.

ApeCoin DAO

The DAO had all ApeCoin holders nominated and voted on Ape Improvement Proposals (AIPs) to implement decentralization in this ecosystem. Today, five AIP Discussions are available for public viewing. AIP 1 proposes DAO infrastructure, and AIP2 proposes a voting procedure. Furthermore, AIP 3 proposes the allocation of ecosystem funds.

Animoca Brands continued to design AIP4 and AIP5. AIP4, the most popular proposal, proposes a betting procedure for the token. At the same time, AIP5 talks about stakeholder allocation.

In this context, BAYC NFT ecosystem owners may claim a token. Each NFT will support only one claim, and the application period will be open for only 90 days. Importantly, NFT owners must attach their MetaMask wallets to obtain an ApeCoin token, where each coin grants holders one vote.


The board sits at the top of projects of the Bored Ape Foundation. Its primary purpose is to manage DAO proposals and serve the community’s vision. This drug board will sit on the seats for six months. In the end, the community will vote for the council members. For now, he includes Amy Wu of FTX, AnimocaYat Siu, Redditje Alexis Ohanian, Horizen Dean Steinbeck of Labs, and Maaria Bajwa of Sound Ventures.

As the icing on the cake, ApeCoin will set aside 10,000 12 tokens for the Jane Goodall Legacy Foundation. The first lock will be at 277,777.78 months, then 36 XNUMX tokens will be unlocked each month for XNUMX months.