This is the cryptocurrency market situation right now. Are we waiting for a critical week? Investors are currently following the well-known Cup and Handle pattern. At the same time, resistance of $58,000 is an important barrier to $64,000.

Cryptocurrency market capitalization

The total cryptocurrency market capitalization is $1.77 trillion, a decrease of 3.67% over the last day. The total volume of cryptocurrencies in the past 24 hours is $122.03 billion, an increase of 3.21%. The total volume in DeFi is currently $9.06 billion, which is 7.43% of the entire 24-hour volume of the cryptocurrency market.

The price of Bitcoin is currently $57,134.27. The dominance of bitcoins is now 60.28%, a decrease of 0.02% per day.

Yesterday, the best growth from the top 100 cryptocurrency market capitalizations was marked by:

Top Gainers

The most significant loses yesterday from the top 100 cryptocurrency market capitalization was marked by:

Top Losers

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Technical analysis BTC / USD

Bitcoin was just over $57,200 on Sunday. As we can see in the chart, the exchange rate stays below $58,000 ATH and resistance. We successfully bounced back from the $54,000 support. The exchange rate fell slightly over the weekend, but only in cycle A, which predicts a break of resistance to $58,000 and growth to $64,000.

So far, all this is based on the Cup and Handle pattern, and the weekend slump did not scare investors too much. On the contrary, the dominance of Bitcoin is still holding, and it seems that the current trend is the vacuuming of altcoins.

The key will be next weekend, regarding the Cup and Handle pattern. Bitcoin should bounce not only to $58,000 but also to $64,000. But many things can happen, so this is the right time for most investors to be extra careful about their movements.