You have probably heard about the unfair practices of hackers who attack computers. They are unknown, and they benefit from cryptocurrencies. It is not the case that such attacks have consequences on the so-called supercomputers. In this case, it is all over Europe. They want to start unauthorized cryptocurrency mining.

And that’s what happened last week. It was when the score of ten supercomputers received the attack. The first mentions were by the University of Edinburgh on May 11. This when it had to shut down its supercomputer Archer. They cite as reasons only the possible errors in the security of their computers. This is not an isolated problem. It would save this particular device.

Targeted attack for cryptocurrency mining

ZDNet reported the first of the targeting of these hacker attacks. It picked up a cybersecurity agency, Cado Security. The type of attack is a malware that caused the so-called cryptojacking. It is an unauthorized mining of cryptocurrencies. For hackers, this is an exciting way to gain access to these supercomputers. On Secure Shell (SSH) attacks, you can take advantage of the bug CVE-2019-15666 in Linux.

Surprisingly, it seems that there is no available data through the university. Neither available equipment, or the possible cryptojacking attackers. Specifically, the only universities are in Poland and China. These are caused by a more extensive network of institutions. Mainly with high computing power. These are annoyingly connected. Also, they are not so unusual as to challenge one’s other approach to another. And it was with this expected attempt that it proved itself. All this so they can do unauthorized cryptocurrency mining.

The attack on the Scottish Archer was followed by five other supercomputers. Mainly across Germany, on May 11. We have currently seen more attacks on computers in Germany, but also in Switzerland and in Barcelona, ​​Spain. From all hackers looking for access to computers, most have always launched malware that has cryptocurrencies. Perhaps Monero. To keep them hidden, they only switched on their mining at night.

Coronavirus abuse

Firstly, make sure to care enough about this. You can read about potential hidden customer motivations on their website. More or less, all infected computers have poor performance in research around the COVID-19 virus. In addition to mining, cryptocurrency visitors are also in the research data.